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This is a Timely Matter:

What I am posting for you is a huge money maker and you can become a Broker before the end of this month JAN. for FREE! SEE BELOW! 

Here Is the REAL Perfect Solution to Your Money Problems!

Get your money working for you turn it into Millions You Deserve this.

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This is exactly how the RICH keep Getting RICHER and now finally by joining New U Financial and agreeing to get Corporate Funding by getting your credit score repaired for FREE up to 720 Plus and applying for $150,000 to $250,000 Loan to build your very own corporate Business and make Millions with your Money!

No joke, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Listen friend I don’t care what else you do in 2019 that is your business but just make sure you do watch what we have for you that can change your life Financially. Timing is everything to become a BROKER for FREE!!

First, Join the Club Free fill out the form to get your free credit score repaired and become a Broker for Free until the end of JAN 2019.

NEW U Financial Is a 8 Year Old Debt Free Company and has loaned out to their client’s over $250. Million.

Some Bullet Points:

– Learn how to create a roadmap to passive income and time freedom.

– Learn how to escape the trap and put your credit to work for you!

– Learn how to retire with MILLIONS.

Most Americans use their credit to create liabilities forcing them to keep working to pay bills coming due each month.

You Could Earn One Million This Year and Every Year After Just by Joining with New U Financial and agreeing to work with them this is and will be a life changing moment for you it’s your choice my friend!

Look believe, don’t believe that’s not what I’m suggesting you do right now.

All you have to do right now is just watch this presentation because everything can change after that.

What are you waiting for?

To make this 2019 the best year ever!

Comer E. Pulley


Marketer For 19 Years

615-828-1636 Cell .. Please call me anytime if you have any Questions?


P.S. If you believe Financial Freedom is possible It will allow you to potentially be able to heal yourself from ALL of the financial pains that currently exist in your life right now such as : Not having enough money to pay your bills. Not having enough money to take vacations. Not having enough money to save for the future. Not having enough money to afford the luxuries of life. Not having enough money to start our dream business

Watch Video

The REAL Perfect Solution to Your Money Problems Is Waiting Inside NewU Financial you have not one thing to lose Fill out the form and join and see what is inside.

This Is A Real Business and their are millions that have bad credit and are seriously looking for away to repair their credit score.

This Is a Huge Hungry Market for those who becomes a Broker before the end of JAN I am hoping that the company will extend the deadline in becoming a Broker for we are growing seriously FAST!

May I say this one more time .. Whatever you do friend please don’t push this off to the side until you see what you have in front of you!

I hope to soon see you on the inside!!!

The Greatest Life Changing Technology Ever Created Timing Is Everything A Must Join!

The Greatest Life Changing Technology Ever Created Timing Is Everything A Must Join!

Hello Future Partners PART 2 Of 2

The Process To Acquire A Paid Founders Position

The process to acquire a Paid Founders position is now much easier as Ash and his team have developed an interim website for the current Founders to use. Here are 2 links for you to view….

You can use either of these links to submit your name and email address and then click on the “GET YOUR INVITATION NOW!” link. You will then receive a message with a link you can click on for more details. After you have gathered the information you will be able to click on the “BECOME A FOUNDER NOW” link and you will see a short registration form. When you submit the form you will see the payment options page and when your payment is confirmed you will have full access to your own Go Founders back office.

When the project launches we are expecting hundreds of thousands to join us in 2019 and beyond as they learn about this revolutionary Internet Marketing Solution! You will learn how the system will work when you join our future webinars and how you can benefit from this by joining as a Founder now.  

I will go over my team report where you will be listed once your payment for your Paid Founder position has been confirmed. I will send a welcome message and add your email address to my team update list.

My Friend .. If you are not able to acquire a Founder position I hope you will join us when the project launches very soon.

May GOD Bless All Of Your Days

Comer E. Pulley

615-828-1636 Cell    Tennessee  ( Central Time Zone )

Receive Unlimited Donations Daily With Crowdfunding Guaranteed!

Receive Unlimited Donations Daily With Crowdfunding Guaranteed!

I KNOW WHEN SOMETHING IS HOT and when it’s not…

Our Crowdfunding Guaranteed platform is HOT and is creating a HUGE BUZZ in the entire industry!!
Right Now Watch => This Overview Video

This is a coop crowdfunding platform that allows you to receive unlimited income through automated level qualifications.

To get in: Quarterly Coop Platform Fee: $29 which $25 is refunded back to to you in order to place you on the first Tier – Silver $25

Only a one time out of pocket of $29 to receive unlimited funds.

>>> Direct payments to your Wallet Account.
>>> 2 People starts the inner ring contributions
>>> Each Member receives 6 contributions to qualify to upgrade to the next level
>>> Potential to earn on all 5 Levels Simultaneously
>>> 100% contributions are paid to members
>>> Follow Me system
>>> Spillover from Top creates Push Through
>>> Can pay via Debit/Credit Card, Wallet or Bitpay
>>> Website Builder to create Landing Pages for Any Program

Five levels of participation: automated re-entry in each level to earn over and over again !

Silver $25 – $12.50 x 6 = $75
Gold $50 – $25 x 6 = $150
Emerald $100 – $50 x 6 = $300
Diamond $200 – $100 x 6 = $600
Crown $400 – $200 x 6 = $1200

Please give this a serious look. You can sign up now and get positioned. There are other team leaders that they are talking to and they are getting their teams lined up as well. The objective is to get people in and ready to push through mega earnings immediately, Non-Stop! This thing has the ability to create thousands of dollars daily in record time.

I think you will love this program! It’s Affordable. Easy to generate income. Automated and offers a great tool to promote other businesses also gives you the tools for free to build your own website and much more! That saves you Hundreds of dollars.

Hope to see you on board.

Partner in Your Success,

Comer E. Pulley                                                                                                   615-828-1636 Cell

A True Life Change For Anyone Becoming A Paid Founder NEW Technology Does Everything For You!

A True Life Change For Anyone Becoming A Paid Founder NEW Technology Does Everything For You!

My Friend and future partner

It Has Been Over 7 Months of being a paid founder and it will be well worth Waiting For This Opportunity To Launch and I believe 2019 will be the year of this life changing event!

When the rocket is ready, we will launch it into the heavens so get in now before the launch or you could miss out on a position!

The Greatest Opportunity So Far In The History Of Internet Marketing! “Something To Retire You For The Rest Of Your Life!”

The Owner is Top Earner in many Business and For Months Has Been working on a Unique Business Model Where Everyone Earns!


We have been given a web site called Go Founders before the real launch so that we can bring in more paid founders before all positions are Gone! I have been contacted stating that there are glitches on this site that are being worked on.

This always happens when a new site is been use at the starting point. If you want to join as a paid founder and can’t because of the glitches being work on please contact me ASAP!

THE NEW FOUNDERS SITE THAT IS COMING WILL BE ROCKET LAUNCH READY FOR SURE! Be sure to get your founders position before they are all gone that is what matters the most right now!

U.S.A Business By Law/Also in Other Countries As LLC Business!
He Has Nearly 100 People Working Like IT, Admin, Support On The ‘ NEW UNIQUE BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM’

There are 3 Offices Built and Many Being Planned to Open Very Soon and he Wants to have 1000 Offices Worldwide in the Near Future! 10 In The U.S.A Alone!

Make No Mistake This is A Very Huge Powerful Business and we all can be very Successful as being a part of this as a Paid Founder!

On January 2019 The System Will Revolutionize The Internet Marketing World!
=> Real Time Guaranteed Visitors and Signups” YES” Done for You!
=> Breakthrough Products to Automate your Financial Freedom!
=> No Matter When You Join, Upgrade You Are Guaranteed To Earn!
=> Unique Breakthrough Technology Automated System 1st Ever Created ‘SET IT AND FORGET IT’
=> Automatically Advertises Your Affiliate Sites!
=> You Will Earn Daily Go do whatever you want to do Come Back   And Cash Out!

=> No Recruiting (Unless you Want To) If I were you I would tell all of my loved ones, No worry, you will be able to show them the money and how powerful this New Business really  is for anyone that Joins

A Fully Automated Marketing System ‘ It Does Everything For You’
Plus A Mind Blowing Compensation Pay plan Designed To Earn The Rest Of Your Life!

Bitcoin & Other Crypto Currencies ACCEPTED! Credit / Debit Card Accepted Too!

“URGENT NOTICELimited Founder Positions Available!
Being Skeptical On This One Is A Costly COSTLY Mistake, My Friend! You don’t want to let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Get your special Invitation Now:

Many Blessings
Comer E. Pulley
615-828-1636 Cell .. Call Any Time

Paid $250 While watching a movie…why not? [SO COOL

Paid $250 While watching a movie…why not? [SO COOL

Future Partner .. This Is What We Have Been Looking For!
I just Join and it is awesome! SEE INSIDE!

Last night My Sponsor a Top Marketer was
watching a holiday movie with His Wife
He noticed a notification on His phone
telling Him, He just received $250!

Talk about a great date night experience.

Who wouldn’t want to be paid while
watching movies?

Tell you what, that is the kind of thing
you want to have happen for you.

We are so confident that we are
actually going to show you how
to receive your first $250 within
72 hours of getting started.

You deserve to have this kind of
experience too!

What I really love about this product is that you are not just
buying recycled fluff, but you are actually getting, tried
and true training that works and will teach you how
to become an independent work from home marketer.

Module 1 alone would be enough, but they don’t
stop there, they have 6 more training modules.
For a total of 7:

But that’s not all you will also get 5 out of
this world bonuses…

Including Bonus #1 – How to Make $250 in 72 Hours LIVE Call

This one bonus alone is more than worth the value
of the product.

The value is through the roof,
and people are creating success daily.

Why not you too?

Click Here Now

I’ll catch you on the inside!

SO SIMPLE…. Its an opportunity of a lifetime, where you can get
started TODAY and make some darn good money TODAY. I truly feel bad for anyone that’s just too unmotivated to take action.

I guess you’ll just settle…


Just come in and get started…

Catch ya on the inside.

To Your Success And Many Blessings

Comer E. Pulley
615-828-1636 Cell

“Hot New CashJuice” Everyone Is Diving In FREE To Join! Everything For Success

“Hot New CashJuice” Everyone Is Diving In FREE To Join! Everything For Success

Everyone Is Loving And Joining CashJuice ? Have You Join .. Why Not It Is FREE!
Could This Grow Bigger Than All The Other Media Sites? I THINK SO! See Why!

“The Plan” is a FREE to use, automated system, that will help you earn money online.
• Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned Pro, the Cashjuice plan has something for everyone.
• Whether you’re promoting an affiliate link or your own website, Cashjuice can help you.
• Whether you’re looking for some extra cash each month or looking to build an empire,
• Cashjuice has the solution.
“The Plan” has simple step by step instructions, on how to get started and how to leverage Cashjuice
to maximise your business potential.
• 1. Build an audience
• 2. Turn that audience into money.
• 3. Use the CashJuice community.

Why is the CashJuice plan special?
Well apart from being 100% free… CashJuice includes everything you need to be successful, build a
social media following and build a recurring online income.

The CashJuice plan is a very simple, very clever way to earn to money. It utilises the viral effect of the
internet to help you build a social media following of referrals that are incentivised just like you to
build their own following which also helps you build yours.
You are going to love Cash Juice
Here’s to your future success, Many Blessings

Comer E. Pulley
615-876-0867 Home Office
615-828-1636 Cell Tennessee Central Time ZoneDiving

“Urgent Notice” Timely Matter Founders Positions Are Still Open For Purchase

“Urgent Notice” Timely Matter Founders Positions Are Still Open For Purchase

“NEWS UPDATE” 12/16/18  The Founders Positions Are Still Open A Must Join! Contact Support For Position

Friend .. I hope that you are having a wonderful day .. I am here to make your day and Life A whole lot better and I can, If you are a “ACTION TAKER” When you see a REAL NO BRAINER!

All the work involved ever, is you Register and become a paid founder and watch Your income grow Month After Month’

Friend .. This will not get in the way of what your are already doing. You will have another income stream working for you( hands free ) that will continue to grow for a life time. How Awesome is that! with such a small one time fee to pay!

I want to tell you up front that this is not any kind of scam or
any kind of hyped up non sense.

I will tell you this for sure, You will kick yourself if you pass this up!

Being Skeptical On This One Is A Costly COSTLY Mistake, My Friend!

You don’t want to let this opportunity slip through your fingers.
More Money is always better “RIGHT”

I came home from my daily work and watch the recorded Call
that was sent to me as a paid founder In the The Stellar Association and Yiggiy

We will be launching in 2019 and the Founders Positions will hopefully still be open for sale!

so please get your founders position before they are all gone.

One founders position is $200 one time .. I know it sounds like a lot but

what you will be getting in return for( LIFE ), is Mind Blowing!

Listen Carefully .. Just One Founders Position after we launch and when all the goals

are met witch will move quickly, will be worth to you “Yearly” 1.5 Million and continues to grow

each and every month and you are able to hand it down to your grand kids and theirs also.

Friend .. wouldn’t you say that this is Truly a ” NO BRAINER” !

I purchased 18 Founders Positions for my side of the family and for my wife’s side they all will

be debt free and millionaires before the end of 2019.

I didn’t have that kind of money because I am a retired disabled veteran and 69 yrs. young.

I knew that I had a real serious chance that I could finally be a blessing and help both sides

of my family so I just borrowed the money the small fee for one founders position was to good

to pass up! It feels awesome to be a blessing and to be blessed in my ending years.

The main reason that I am telling everyone about how many Founders Positions I have purchase,

is to express how really serious and awesome this is for everyone to join and to be able to have one

paid position it is TRULY LIFE CHANGING.

When you become a paid founder your are in for LIFE. there is never any work involved at all for

you to do except, watch the company grow and your bank account.

This recording Call Is 1 Hour and 7 Minutes Long but is well worth listening to.

Could One hour and 7 Minutes change your life Forever Please listen to every word to the end and find out!

Please listen to the call , Phill .. talks about when we launch and get to where we are going in the close

future and how much money will be made for all paid founders ..  Be sure to listen to every word to the end.

Pray about joining us as a paid founder and please Contact me let me know as soon as you do! I will keep

you updated with everything. Remember as a paid founder you are part owner of this Company and when the Company grows you grow.

Many Blessing
Comer E. Pulley
615-876-0867 Home Office
615-828-1636 Call Me Any time!
_______________________________SEE Below
Click on the link below to register:

Once you log in, look up at the top right click on the register link
and register my sponsor Id is at the bottom ( onlysuccess ) After you register contact …

by sending an E-mail stating that You want to purchase a founders position and you want them to please send payment Information ASAP!

They will send to you the information to pay!

Contact Me If you decide to become a Paid founder with us so I can add you to our TEAMS list to keep you updated with everything.

May You be blessed in everything that you do .. GOD BLESS!

Join Free Worlds Largest Matrix We Are One Big Family!

Join Free Worlds Largest Matrix We Are One Big Family!

The Perfect Storm – 15O + new members join – Daily

Secure your TOP position now before the Company
starts sending out 300,000 to 500,000 emails EVERY week!

$4O + $2OO + $4,OOO (and much more) over & over

This is going to be a game changer for millions
of people that are finally going to have success

A real team of people that work and stay together

We look forward to building a massive team
matrix that will help ALL our members have
serious success like they have never had before.

Backed by a 9+ year Company – Pays weekly

Go to the link and watch the short video, then
sign up for free >>>

A MUST DO Very Important:

As soon as you have registered your details at the above site, you MUST

Check out the New Companies that we all are joining together

People Helping People Worldwide

Rapid 215 Sign-up:

People Helping People Signup:

The Freeway Connection Sign Up Links ( Not In This One Yet )


If you plan on buying a single or 4 pk follow my instructions below

If you are going to purchase a 4 pack you purchase number one first and then purchase the other three positions under number one!
You can use Pay Pal or bitcoin to sign-up at this team link:

Step One: Referral username = Comer E. Pulley

If you’re purchasing a four pack You can pay for all four positions ($200 + fee) when buying the first one and then send the usernames for the other three to Lisa at and she will set them up under your #1 position! She will only need your one email address!

Step One: Referral username = Comer E. Pulley

Step Two: Fill out the form! Then join at the bottom and you will get instructions on where to pay. You will then be manually placed!

It can take up to 24 hours to activate your position because of waiting for Pay Pal or bitcoin. Credit Card Is Fast!

Type in the subject line:

“I joined World’s Largest Matrix”

Welcome to a bright future!
Comer E. Pulley .. Your Sponsor !

615-828-1636 Cell

Rapid 215 Great Advertising $1 Add Packs Huge Money To Be Made!

Rapid 215 Great Advertising $1 Add Packs Huge Money To Be Made!


My Friend .. The first thing you need to do to earn is get some ad packs and activate your account. For each $1 purchase you make it will open a new position and a new matrix with a possible additional earning of $4,260.00..

See, these positions are not filled with members, but with each $1 purchase we make.
I recommend at least 7 ad packs for a good start.. Then your invites will fall below those positions..

You can purchase more packages at anytime from you earnings..
The idea here is to have as many positions and referrals as possible.

Rapid 215 just opened and ready to explode. Don’t miss out on our low cost earner.

Please reply with any questions..

Comer E. Pulley

615-828-1636 Cell  .. Have Questions ? Contact Me!

People Helping People Will Break Records And Change Lives!

People Helping People Will Break Records And Change Lives!

My Friend,

People Helping People (PHP ) IS going to launch the perfect storm very soon!

Timing is everything Watch this video to get all the details and get ready to explode with excitement :

Please read everything so you can make a wise decision !

This is very exciting – I am already making money
and The Perfect Storm hasn’t even started yet!

Here’s what is about to happen, starting very,
soon – Boy oh boy, you need to buckle your
seat belt and get ready for the ride of your life!

Hold on to your hat — The Perfect Storm is about
to start. Get ready to take your income to a whole
whole new level by securing your financial future
and your top position now before the masses join!

Only $50 one time out of pocket fee

NO qualifications required to earn

The Company will be doing ALL the heavy work!

NOW is the time to get involved as their 300,000 +
weekly E-Mail campaign is going to create spill-over
like you have never seen before

They are bringing the people to you and making it
very hard for people to say “no” to such a special
campaign – This is about to EXPL0DE!

You’ve got a small window to secure your TOP
position, so don’t hesitate, get in right now

They are about to take thousands of people’s
income to a whole new level

A campaign above all others – Unlike anything
that has EVER been done in this Industry!



Six Month Game Plan

Month 1 – $40.00
Month 2 – $200.00
Month 3 – $4,000.00 plus $3,700 per month
Month 4 – $11,000 per month
Month 5 – $19,000 per month
Month 6 – $70,000.00 plus bits and pieces of
$1,000,000.00 PLUS $56,000 per month!

And, they are being conservative – Many will
do this much faster, especially when “The
Perfect Storm” kicks in!

Backed by a 9+ Year Company – Pays weekly

Accepts: Pay Pal – Bitcoin – Credit/Debit Card


Brother Richard Trotter is sharing this for all of us on the TEAM A Must Watch:

I will be your sponsor ( Comer E. Pulley )

Please contact Me When you join my TEAM and If You Have Any Questions?

Many Blessings

615-828-1636 Cell