“Urgent Notice” Timely Matter Founders Positions Are Still Open For Purchase

“Urgent Notice” Timely Matter Founders Positions Are Still Open For Purchase

“NEWS UPDATE” 12/16/18  The Founders Positions Are Still Open A Must Join! Contact Support For Position

Friend .. I hope that you are having a wonderful day .. I am here to make your day and Life A whole lot better and I can, If you are a “ACTION TAKER” When you see a REAL NO BRAINER!

All the work involved ever, is you Register and become a paid founder and watch Your income grow Month After Month’

Friend .. This will not get in the way of what your are already doing. You will have another income stream working for you( hands free ) that will continue to grow for a life time. How Awesome is that! with such a small one time fee to pay!

I want to tell you up front that this is not any kind of scam or
any kind of hyped up non sense.

I will tell you this for sure, You will kick yourself if you pass this up!

Being Skeptical On This One Is A Costly COSTLY Mistake, My Friend!

You don’t want to let this opportunity slip through your fingers.
More Money is always better “RIGHT”

I came home from my daily work and watch the recorded Call
that was sent to me as a paid founder In the The Stellar Association and Yiggiy

We will be launching in 2019 and the Founders Positions will hopefully still be open for sale!

so please get your founders position before they are all gone.

One founders position is $200 one time .. I know it sounds like a lot but

what you will be getting in return for( LIFE ), is Mind Blowing!

Listen Carefully .. Just One Founders Position after we launch and when all the goals

are met witch will move quickly, will be worth to you “Yearly” 1.5 Million and continues to grow

each and every month and you are able to hand it down to your grand kids and theirs also.

Friend .. wouldn’t you say that this is Truly a ” NO BRAINER” !

I purchased 18 Founders Positions for my side of the family and for my wife’s side they all will

be debt free and millionaires before the end of 2019.

I didn’t have that kind of money because I am a retired disabled veteran and 69 yrs. young.

I knew that I had a real serious chance that I could finally be a blessing and help both sides

of my family so I just borrowed the money the small fee for one founders position was to good

to pass up! It feels awesome to be a blessing and to be blessed in my ending years.

The main reason that I am telling everyone about how many Founders Positions I have purchase,

is to express how really serious and awesome this is for everyone to join and to be able to have one

paid position it is TRULY LIFE CHANGING.

When you become a paid founder your are in for LIFE. there is never any work involved at all for

you to do except, watch the company grow and your bank account.

This recording Call Is 1 Hour and 7 Minutes Long but is well worth listening to.

Could One hour and 7 Minutes change your life Forever Please listen to every word to the end and find out!


Please listen to the call , Phill .. talks about when we launch and get to where we are going in the close

future and how much money will be made for all paid founders ..  Be sure to listen to every word to the end.

Pray about joining us as a paid founder and please Contact me let me know as soon as you do! I will keep

you updated with everything. Remember as a paid founder you are part owner of this Company and when the Company grows you grow.

Many Blessing
Comer E. Pulley
615-876-0867 Home Office
615-828-1636 Call Me Any time!
_______________________________SEE Below
Click on the link below to register:


Once you log in, look up at the top right click on the register link
and register my sponsor Id is at the bottom ( onlysuccess ) After you register contact …


by sending an E-mail stating that You want to purchase a founders position and you want them to please send payment Information ASAP!

They will send to you the information to pay!

Contact Me If you decide to become a Paid founder with us so I can add you to our TEAMS list to keep you updated with everything.

May You be blessed in everything that you do .. GOD BLESS!

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